Men's Long-Sleeve Denim

Men’s Long-Sleeve Denim


  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Catch conclusion
  • Machine Wash
  • Long-sleeve denim work shirt including conservative neckline and fix pocket at chest
  • Logo labels at pocket and placket at trim

Eye catching thin fit with constrained version splendid great computerized print. Be the most keen dressed man in the room. You will seem as though you burned through many dollars for our Italian propelled creator shirts.

Spread neckline men’s dress shirt is hip and dressy. Include the lavish square European catches for a dress shop look that will flabbergast everybody. Sharp chain, stay, expand, lion, paisley, bright squares, Vango and then some.

Hotshot your rec center body with an Italian style thin fitted shirt. Sturdy Fabrics are 100% without a wrinkle. Smart thought to arrange 1 size bigger than ordinary USA thin fit. On the off chance that you misunderstand the size, we can offer you free-trade or 100% unconditional promise

Men’s shirt for a night out on a hot date or conference which can be worn both tucked or un-tucked and still look extraordinary.


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